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  • Name: Fully automatic external wall thermal insulation board equipment
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  • Time: 2016-08-08
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Prospects and policy support

In recent years by building external wall thermal insulation materials ignited the fire accidents, building exterior insulation system of fire safety by the attention of the relevant state ministries and commissions.

The Ministry of Public Security issued the civil building exterior insulation system and external decoration fireproof Interim Provisions "file 2009 [46], and 2011 [65]," on further clarify civil building exterior insulation materials fire supervision and management of the relevant requirements of the notice "document, of residential and public buildings, glass curtain wall building exterior wall thermal insulation material has made very clear request, clearly pointed out that building insulation materials must use A-class non combustible material, resulting in building external wall thermal insulation A-class non combustible insulation materials has become an inevitable trend.

Outer wall fire prevention and thermal insulation board is a non combustible material, non-toxic, environmental protection, low carbon is a new type of energy saving and waste heat preservation material, which is advocated by the state. Is currently the wall insulation and fire isolation with the most ideal material, in line with the national building energy conservation promotion requirements.

Xinjiang housing and urban rural construction department, the new public pass [2012]69 "the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region building exterior insulation material Fire Protection Interim Provisions"

Sichuan Province in December 2013 the construction of local standards "cement foam inorganic insulation board application technical procedures" project publicity

January 2014 Wuhan Hubei urban and rural construction committee requirements in the city's civil building wall, roof, floor insulation project, the design and use of the prohibition of the design and use of thermal insulation mortar products.

Chongqing urban and Rural Construction Committee in April 2014 on the release of "modified foam insulation board building insulation system application technical procedures," the notice, since July 1, 2014, the implementation of.

October 2015 26 issued notice of the new documents, the Sichuan Provincial Department of housing and urban and rural construction on publication of the notice of the local standards of Construction Engineering "Sichuan Province cement foam insulation board for building insulation engineering technical specification, since February 2016 1, in the province's implementation.

On November 17, 2015, Sichuan Provincial Department of housing and urban and rural construction on the release of the thermal insulation decorative external wall thermal insulation composite board structure for Sichuan Province construction standard design general Atlas of notice, since January 1, 2016 implementation.

July 1, 2016, the Hunan Provincial Department of housing and urban and Rural Construction Bureau of the province, civil building envelope energy-saving design prohibit using the inorganic light-weight aggregate thermal insulation mortar, September 1, 2016 ban construction in the use of inorganic lightweight aggregate thermal insulation mortar.




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