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Phone: 020-3867-7551 (Mr.Li)
Toll Free: 400-825-7909
Mobile phone: 13808891259 (Mr.Shao)
Fax: 020-3867-7562
ViLi international room 1742,Linghexi road no.167,Guangzhou City,Tianhe District,Guangdong Province.

                Xuzhou Base: Xuzhou Economic Development Zone in Spring Hill opposite (visits by appointment in advance)
First, the aircraft:
1. Walking from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport 90 m to Airport South Station take the Metro Line 3 North Extension Section (Sports West direction), the Guangzhou East Railway Station, take the exit to [B1] [left] to walk fifty meters That is about to.
2. From the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (new airport) walk about 220 meters to the Airport Express Line A bus zone take the Airport Express Line 6 [A] to take 3 points at the Airport Express Line Station CITIC Plaza, about ten minutes walk It can be reached.
Second, train:
1. (Guangzhou East Railway Station) can take a direct train to Guangzhou East Railway Station, get off walk ten minutes that is.
2. (Guangzhou Railway Station) Walk about 40 meters from the Guangzhou Railway Station to the Guangzhou Railway Station take the B10 road, B2 road, B2A Road station [4] to sit Zoo South Gate Station 2 Interchange 209 Road (take 4 points) to Guangzhou East railway station under.

That is about ten minutes to walk.

      3. (Guangzhou South Railway Station) Guangzhou South Railway Station Guangzhou South Railway Station take the Express Line 2 [2 stops], 302 [A way station sit 23] to Guangzhou East Railway Station (bus station) next. That is about ten minutes to walk.

     Third, bus, subway:

The company is close to the bus station, Guangzhou East Railway Station stop and get off at the station about ten minutes to walk to that.
The company is near the subway station Metro Line 3 Guangzhou East Railway Station and get off at Termini station, take the exit to [B1] [left] to walk about 50 meters.
Fourth, the long-distance bus:
From your arrival to take Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, Tianhe Bus Station Tianhe Bus Station, Dongpu Bus Terminal, East Station Bus Terminal car, please phone to inform us, we will arrange for them to stay after arriving or tell you the most efficient Getting to the Division.

Five car:
GS → → go Beltway South China Expressway → Zhongshan Road overpass at exit [] → → straight along Zhongshan Road, turn right at the second intersection] → [Sports Road, Tianhe North Road intersection turn left [] → Article a word} {T intersection, turn right and Lin [East] straight in the end that is.

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